Building Blocks

Custom made for Braze, tailored to your brand, it's the Email Design System that will make your team's lives easier.

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It takes cross-functional teams at least 2 weeks, and 30 hours of work across marketing, creative and engineering, to get one single email built.

It needs to be faster

Building the same email over and over takes precious time and resources. The key to speedy delivery is to reuse the parts of your emails that are always the same. With Building Blocks you only ever need to add in your content, and press send.

It needs to stay versatile

While email templates might feel like the answer, they quickly become constricting. Building Blocks can be stacked in an infinite number of ways, keeping it fresh and engaging for your audience.

It needs to be on brand

Building Blocks come with a style sheet, so all the spacing, the font sizes, and the colours are always exactly matching your brand guidelines, to make your designer happy.

There is a block for everything

Like lego blocks, but for emails

Email Design Systems are great, they break down emails in smaller components, that can be stacked, combined and reorganised, to build emails in minutes. Building Blocks is an Email Design System built entirely for Braze - so you can take full advantage of your instance and its features.

All of our blocks have been designed for maximum readability on mobile first, before being adapted for desktop, rather than the other way around.

They are fully responsive, to look great no matter where your users read your emails, support dark mode, and can integrate your preferred tracking.

Unlock Braze Content Blocks

No code

Building Blocks are built to take advantage of Braze content blocks feature, neatly tucking all the HTML & CSS code away from day-to-day email building. Your team is autonomous, and free to build any email without engineering support.


Whether you chose to build it once, and use it everywhere, add in Connected Content, or embed liquid logic to display parts of your emails only to certain users, Building blocks help you make your emails personalised for each user.

How much time can the blocks save your team?

Fill in the form, or email us at hello[at], to find out – or, you know, if you fancy a demo or a quote.